A Mother Hen's Love

A very long time ago, there once lived a mother hen and its chicks. The mother hen was a very good mother and took very good care of its chicks. It loved its chicks and kept advising them which way to go so as to be safe. The mother hen always took its chicks to farms where they got their meal. It scratched the ground with its sharp claws for food. Each time it found a worm, it would call them to come and eat. It cracked open hard nuts or fruits with its beak so that the chicks would be able to swallow them. All its chicks loved and obeyed it except one. It had a very naughty chick that it kept correcting. One day, as they were out searching for food, its chicks were searching on their own. As it searched for minutes, it saw a hawk approaching, it became scared and called them to come to it. They all ran to the mother except the naughty one. It had heard its mother's call but was too busy with a worm it found that it could not answer that call. Mother hen called out again and again to its naughty chick. Finally the naughty chick looked up and saw a hawk coming to get it, it quickly ran to its loving mother. Their mother quickly hid them under its wings and they were safe. The angry hawk saw to its dismay that it had been defeated, it left the mother hen and its chicks and flew off to find a careless mother hen and its chicks for prey. The chicks were overjoyed and thanked their mother for saving them. Mother hen took its chicks to somewhere else to search for food. It finally found a big worm and called on them to share the meal with it. One day, mother hen took its chicks out to a nearby bush to look for food. As they were searching for food, the naughty chick went off on its own again. A farmer came along with a gallon of kerosene and matches. It was the owner of the farmland and he had decided to burn the bush so that he could farm easily on it. The farmer poured kerosene and lit a match and the fire spread fast. It surrounded mother hen and its chicks. Mother hen sensed trouble and called nervously at its chicks, they all ran to it at once. Mother hen desperately tried to find a way out of the bush but all in vain. The fire kept burning on and on around them. It was completely helpless. As the last resort the mother hen, covered its chicks with its wings as the fire burnt on and on around it. After the fire died down, the farmer returned and all was quiet. He came upon mother hen. Its head was bowed and its body charred by fire. It was dead. As he (the farmer) rolled its body over, its chicks scampered from underneath its lifeless body chirping merrily. Mother hen had sacrificed its life to save its chicks from being wasted by fire.

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