Importance Of Toys

Toys are children playing apparatus produced mainly for children to keep them out of mischief. There are so many toys like the car models, puppet, football, building blocks, pianos, mathematical or science puzzles, ludo games, scrabble, chess, computer games, baby doll, GSM handset etc. Toys help children to experiment on a lot of things we parents or grownups do. It helps children to use their imagination to problem solving and also help children to exercise their muscles. Naturally in our day-to-day lives in our different homes, we notice that the play way methods are the best way to teach a child. When you use much force on a child, you notice that the child will be afraid and withdrawn from whatever lesson or thing you were showing the child. They have extra energy to burn and can play from morning to evening without getting tired. At times, if there is no adult to direct, meal times are forgotten when engaged in serious plays. To make children responsible, say from the ages of two and three, toy instruments and apparatus should be introduced. Children grow and learn fast when equipped with various types of toys like piano, mathematics and science puzzle, scrabble, chess or building blocks. In choosing toys for the children, parents should not choose toys with sharp edges as this can hurt the child. Parents should not buy toys with small pieces which younger children could swallow or pup in their nostrils, ears or plastic bags which can suffocate them. Also, parents should not choose toys with chemicals that children can lick or inhale. Toys that could influence the child to adapt violent tendencies like the gun, knife etc, should be avoided and discouraged. Baby toy or doll is one of the most acceptable presents a baby girl appreciates from the parents. This is because the baby girl, seen as a future mothers, instinctively displays motherly roles on the toy. At times, she will carry the baby on the back, cuddle, wash the hair, bath, feed and display other characteristics of motherhood displayed by the mother in the family. On the onset of age three, girls are seen showering their baby toys with love and affection. They name the toys, cloth them, dress them with underwear, socks and shoes to match. They even share their personal belongings like toiletries, cream, soap, powder, combs, ribbons, hair bands etc, with the doll. Toy manufactures are so creative that they produce toys that even mimic real human behaviours like turning of eyes, opening the mouth and at times with battery, some smile. Boys prefer toys like football, car models, puppet, building blocks, pianos, bicycles, etc. Toys determine or contribute to the talents a child finds interest and help develop it. For example, the music, maths or science puzzle, ludo games, scrabble, chess, toddler and computer games help a child develop his or her intelligent quotient (IQ) mentally, while outdoor games materials like the swing, merry-go-round, slides, bicycles, swimming pools and ropes for climbing are important for endurance and growth of the child. So parents, next time you are buying toys for your children, make sure you buy instrumental aid-toys as this will help the child grow, learn fast and develop their talent.

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