Cleaning Up Your Home

As you are enjoying the long vacation and you want to win your parents' hearts for gifts, perhaps new school uniform, wrist watch to help keep time while in school, new pair of sandals when school resumes etc, here are some tips to help you win their hearts. Do not wait to hear these familiar words from them, "Honey, would you please clean your room? Just shock them by trying a new approach like: Keep Under Control Your Closets: As the saying goes, "charity begins at home.' Start first by cleaning your room, fold the pile of clothes. Sort and put away your outing clothes in separate boxes or hang up in the wardrobe, the pants, stockings, nighty or pyjamas in different cartons or cellophane bags while the casual wears that you wear at home daily are kept in cartons too, fixed with camphor to give good scent. Beddings Check up your beddings if they are clean. If not, soak in mild detergent and later wash up the next morning. Take out the pillows for sunning for some hours. Then take it back and lay your bed fine. Decorate with teddy bears or hand-made flowers by you with inscriptions like "God Bless Mum and Dad, "God Bless This Godly Family etc. Cleaning The Floor Make sure you sweep your room always and at times mob up with brush mixed with detergent and disinfectant. Brush the window glasses and frames. Check up the blinds. If dirty and dusty, make sure you wash them up and replace same day when they are dry. Decoration This is another simple way of decorating your room for attraction by your parents. Use life flowers in empty bottles with water to keep them fresh and alive, at least for few days. Shoes Scattering shoes all over the room will make it look untidy. So dust and clean up all your shoes, even slippers. Place each on the shoe stand. If you don't have, just arrange them in a straight line near the wall. Inspect your room as if you are expecting a price for a job well done. To win your parents' hearts as a responsible child, on a Saturday morning or any morning that mum and dad are at home, ask for permission to clean up their room. Then challenge another family member on who can clean either of the rooms fastest and cleaner. Have a parent judge the time and genuine cleanliness. This way, I bet you, your parents' hearts are in your hands for whatever thing you want. Congratulations!!!

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