Youths, Dishonesty And Lie

The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary records that lie means "statement one knows to be untrue and to live in lie means to deceive without using words/statements (fake life). If honesty is one of the prime assessments of a business partner, formal and informal, or life partner as in marriage, why then do our people lie? If also honesty is one of the trusts needed in a good leader, why do we have dishonest leaders? Before we proceed, it is advisable to compare the words, truth and honesty, to what we have to lies. Honesty by either a person or institution means scrupulous with regard to telling the truth, not given to swindling, lying or fraud, upright. True, especially as far as is known by the person making the statement, fair, unbiased; in good faith, without malice. Truth by itself means "the state or quality of being true to someone or something. A pledge of loyalty or faith, conformity to fact or reality, correctness, accuracy etc. "It goes on to add that truth to one's own feelings is all -important in life. Even a cursory comparison of the words, truth and honesty to lies, it is outstandingly clear that truth to one's feelings (empathy) is all-important in life and that empathy begets honesty. This means that if our youths are honest and truthful to themselves, they will be truthful and honest to those that get in contact with them. These therefore translate to how highly honesty is valued and expected of our youths by the society they are aspiring to lead in future. It also indicates, though sadly, how rare honest youths could be found in our midst which have resulted to a society full of fraudulent and dishonest youths. To a rational thinking parent or guardian who have impacted good moral values in their children but disappointed that the children/wards are dishonest and fond of telling lies, they may ask, what are the underlying factors in this off-family traits and up-brining? However, everybody, be they adult, man, woman or youth, it more likely for some to be dishonest or lie which has resulted in corrupt people in high places of responsibility, probably for the following reasons; Hope Of Financial Gains The present day economic meltdown in the country which has elevated poverty to a high level has contributed very much to invite dishonesty and lies. The promise of stipends can induce youths to lie or be dishonest to the extent of committing an unimaginable crime than a fat sum of money. A reflection on some years back till date, our youths are offered stipends to carry ballot boxes for politicians. These politicians after being successful in the elections would abandon our youths, only to remember them towards the second term tenure elections when they would be bought motorcycles as empowerment. Students in both secondary and tertiary institutions displays dishonesty and lies by falsifying their results by paying fellow students to falsify it for them. Youths employed in supermarkets and shops as sales clerks sometimes give out goods at a lower price because of tips just to make a little money from official pay. Clerical officers in government establishments find nothing wrong in disclosing secrets simply because of a tip of peanuts in the name of money. Also, some cleaners sometimes hide staff files under the carpet or file cabinet only because the staff have not complied with a director's request. This may affect the staff promotion or other entitlements, yet conscience does not blame them of being dishonest. It is also common knowledge that account clerks in some companies, organizations and banks nowadays disclose information of fat sum withdrawal from banks to hoodlums just to make a little money above their income. In all the above scenarios, the society tends to believe that our youths are either honest to the sponsor but dishonest to the culprit while they feel innocent and satisfied for carrying out the biddings of their sponsors. This assessment of our youths may be wrong. In a nutshell, almost everyone has the instinct to lie to be dishonest and almost everybody lies - just a little. From the sponsors or promoters to the recipient because the behavior of almost everyone, from top to bottom is driven by two opposing motivations - truth and lie. This implies that on the one hand, these youths want to benefit from dishonesty and get as much money and glory within their income bradut, and on the other hand view themselves as honest and honourable people in the society. This they forget that this assumed little but mass dishonest acts, when put together, is more corrosive to the state than the top profile cases. The youth lie and exhibit dishonesty not just for the money, but just to belong. Artificial Scarcity And Add Ups We have more young bosses or entrepreneurs nowadays 30-40 years than two decades ago. This may be due to educational advancement, Information Communication Technology, politics, technology transfer etc. Also, government policies on local content have also helped to change tremendously and improve the finances and the lifestyle of our youths which they aim to maintain at all cost. They sustain this tremendously improved economic status and lifestyles; they make sharp practices and lie just to add up to their legitimate sources of income. The add up may be in the form of artificial scarcity of petroleum products where the pump is adjusted from normal to a less or quantity. The pump price is also increased so as to add-up to the official pump price. This does not stop there; black market springs up immediately where the products are dispensed from jerry-cans and plastic bottles at higher cost per litre. From N20 increase in pump price, commuters add N50 to official fare per drop. The multiplier effect of artificial scarcity of petroleum products triggers and increased in food items in the market and other businesses use fuel etc. Those causing the scarcity fuel full-filled that the level of cheating is only N20 which does not affect the average petrol user by the probability of getting caught by the law. They are encouraged because the officers are by themselves within the age range of the petroleum marketers who give them tips to overlook or wave their dishonest practices and lies. Our youths are also used by their directors and employers to perpetrate dishonesty in rebagging expired and moulded rice. Though they may know the health and legal implications of their activities, yet due to threats of being fired by their masters, they feel reluctant to report the act to the law enforcement agents. They could not also refuse to carry out the rebagging activities for fear of losing their job. They therefore have to lie to maintain their underpaid employment. In this re-bagging category of dishonesty is cement, flour and moulded garri where the youth buy the products with their money for rebagging. To explain rebagging, it means faking out a certain quantity of the product from several bags in an empty one till it is filled to a certain weight and quantity and sold at the original cost price. Serving of cheap, expired, unwholesome and imported poultry products covered with green algae in restaurants, eateries or fast food are not left out of the dishonest behaviours. This they do by soaking the dressed poultry into hot water to wash off the preserving chemicals and therefore season it by boiling before frying to kill the odour and palatable when eaten. This is done with total disregard to the negative health effects on the consumers. The electronic sub-sector has its dishonest practitioners also, and at the lower level, is the ATM card fraud within and outside the bank. Mostly on Saturdays, these young computer literate youths loiter around ATM posts and when they observe customers that are not conversant with ATM operations, they offer to help by pressing a button that holds in the ATM card. This happens when they have already crammed the number and when the card is held in, they then advice their prey to lodge complaint to the bank on a weekday. When the unsuspecting customer leaves, he or she receives alert that money has been withdrawn from his/her account at another branch of the bank. Technicians of all professions are not left out of dishonest practices. In many instances, auto-mechanics would fix the same defective motor parts back to the car by using sandpaper to make the old part look new. When they are asked, they say it is Belgium, but pockets the money. Electronics repairers also carry out dishonest practices whereby they charge good money for parts and workmanship whereas the repairs was only lading. The carpenters on their part use inferior wood to construct furniture which starts bringing out dust after few months of purchase. During the period these furniture are in their showroom, they use chemicals to control the dust and insects that attack the wood. Block moulders have their own way of adding up to their charges by going to work with wheelbarrows. You may ask what has the wheelbarrow have to do in block moulding? Yes, its function is that it is used to ferry same bags of cement from site into hiding while sand is used to fill the gap to produce the number of blocks. In the hotel sub-sector, attendants check-in lodgers without entering it in the ledger. When the guest departs, they share the money with those that were on duty, thus adding-up to their earnings. In the health sector, drugs donated by the World Health Organization for some terminal sicknesses like HIV/AIDS are sold to patients in hospitals, whereas the drugs are not for sale. A little add-up; with hardened conscience. Solution The solution to dishonesty and lie are sound moral education and seminars on appeal of conscience.

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