The Princess And The Snowman

One morning, Princess Bella looked out of her bedroom window and saw that the palace was covered in a thick layer of snow. Snow lay on the tunnels and along the top of the walls. There was snow in the well and snow on the guards' hats. The palace garden was so deep with snow that it looked as though it was covered in delicious icing. The snow looked fresh, inviting and untouched, apart from a line of paw prints made by Bella's pet cat, Beau. The princess clapped her hands with glee. "I'm going to make a snowman, she cried, and rushed off to find her warmest coat and gloves. Soon, she was busy in the garden rolling a great ball of snow for the snowman's body and another one for his head. At last the snowman was finished and she put an old hat on his head and a scarf around his neck. Now, thought Princess Bella, "he needs a face. Turning to Beau, she said, "Go and find the snowman a nose. "Meiow! said Beau and trotted off. Bella found three lumps of coal and struck them in a row on the snowman's head to make a mouth. Then she struck a stone on each side of his head for ears. Beau came back with a piece of carrot in her mouth. "Well done, Beau, said Bella. "That's perfect for a nose. And she struck the carrot in place. At that moment, there was a call from a palace window. "Bella! Bella! Come inside at once. It is time for your lessons, called the queen. Bella ran indoors and do you know? she forgot all about giving the snowman a pair of eyes. "I wonder when the princess will come and give me my eyes, thought the snowman wistfully. 'I'd better keep my wits about me. He listened hard with his stone ears and sniffed with his carrot nose, but there was no one there. Night came and all the lights in the palace went out. In the middle of the night, a storm blew up. The windows of the palace rattled, the trees creaked and groaned and the wind waved. The snowman strained his stone ears even harder and now he could hear a fearsome icy jangle and a piercing, shrieking laugh. It was the Ice Queen. As she blew past the snowman, he felt the Ice Queen's cold breath on the snowy cheek and the touch of her icicle fingers on his snowy brow. The snowman shivered with fear. Now he heard the Ice Queen's icy tap, tap, tap slipped through the keyhole. There was silence for a while, then suddenly the snowman heard a window being flung open and the Ice Queen's cruel laugh. "She is leaving, thought the snowman with relief. But what was this? Now he could hear the sound of a girl sobbing and as the Ice Queen passed, he heard Princess Bella's voice calling, "help me. Then there was silence again, save for the sound of the wind in the trees. "She's carried off the princess, thought the snowman. "There is only one thing to do! He drew his breath and with all his might, he shouted through his coal lips. "Help! He thought to himself. "No one will hear my shouts above the noise of the wind. But soon he felt a warm glow on his cheek. "Can I help? said a soft, kindly voice. "I am the South Wind and I can see you're in trouble. The snowman could hardly believe his stone ears. "Oh, yes, please help, he cried. "The Ice Queen has carried off Princess Bella and I'm afraid she may die of cold. "I'll see what I can do, said the South Wind gently, and she started to blow a warm wind. She blew and she blew and soon the Ice Queen's icy arms began to melt. Then Bella was able to slip from her cold grasp. "It was the snowman who saved you, whispered the South Wind in Bella's ear as she carried her back to the palace. Bella could hear the drip, drip, sound of snow being melted by the South Wind's warm breath. As she reached the palace gate, the sun was rising and the snow in the garden was turning to slush. "I must see my snowman before he is gone, she thought. There he was on the lawn. His hat was starting to slide off his head and his mouth wall all crooked. She rushed over to him and to her astonishment, he spoke. "Please give me my eyes before I melt completely, he begged. "Yes of course I will, Bella replied. Quickly she fixed two pieces of coal in place on his melting face. You are so lovely, said the snowman, looking at her with his coal eyes. I have one last request before I'm gone. "Will you marry me? "Why, I will! said Bella without thinking twice - for how could she refuse the request of the one who had saved her from the Ice Queen? Bella could not bear to think that the snowman was melting away. She glanced down so that he would not see that she was crying. "Bella, he said. She looked up and there standing before her was a prince. For once in her life, she was speechless. Long ago, the Ice Queen carried me away - just like she did to you. She cast a spell on me. That meant I could only return to earth as falling snow. But by agreeing to marry me, you have broken the spell, "said the prince, and so Bella and the prince were married and lived happily ever after.

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