As You Lay Your Bed ...

As you lay your bed, so you lie on it is a popular saying which simply means that you are what you want to be if you mean it. The reason this saying is likened to a bed is that when you take time to dress your bed with clean and neat bedding, you sleep soundly and comfortably on the smooth surface, but when on a dirty and ruffled bedding, you experience nightmares and discomfort. When you wake up, you feel weak, tired and uncoordinated. Here is a true life situation of two students, Ime and Aniefiok, who were mates in one of the secondary commercial schools along Abak Road in the late 70s. Ime's parents were primary school teachers in present day Akwa Ibom State while Aniefiok's father was a palm wine tapper and his mother, a farm labourer in a cocoa estate in lkom in Cross River State. The above school had no boarding facility till date and since these two boys were from the same village located off Nwaniba Road, their parents decided to jointly rent a room close to the school for the two of them. Every morning, Aniefiok would wake up early and prepare for school. He was always punctual and attentive in class. He prepared a reading timetable and was not failing in his homework. Aniefiok's attitude to studies showed seriousness, but Ime's case was on the contrary. While Aniefiok did all the aforestated, lme would stay in bed and rose up late when classes had started and to avoid coming to school late, would stay back at home. Due to his idleness, the devil found in him a ready workshop. He started to use his feeding money for drinking and smoking, while he kept a bad company. When Aniefiok returned from school and asked lme why he did not come to school as well as scold him for his attitude towards his studies, lme would buy Aniefiok tinned fish and garri to eat as an incentive for Aniefiok to read his note to him. He would always climb on his bed and tell Aniefiok to read to his hearing. When Ime's pocket money could not fund his habits and bad company any longer, he started using his school fees and ended up a drop-out, drunk and a drug addict. Up till now, Ime is single, unemployed and sickly in the village where he lives. The case of Aniefiok was a success story because he made good grades and was employed in one of the federal ministries from where he enrolled for part-time studies for higher qualifications. He has been posted to many cities in the country and is holding a position of authority in the ministry currently. He is married with children and is living a good life. Comparing the two characters in the story, would you like to sleep on a bed of roses or on a bed of thorns? I advise that you spend time to lay your bed by imitating the good example of Aniefiok who rose from a humble background to prominence.

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