My Life Ambition Is To Serve God And Humanity -Enwongo-Abasi

In a brief WhatApps interview with our deputy editor Weekend Pioneer, CHARLES ETIMETTE. EnwongoAbasi said his life ambition is to serve God and humanity. 


Who is Enwongo-Abasi Francis?
Amb. Enwongo-Abasi Francis is my name and I am a native of Ikot Inyang Itak in Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. 

What do you do presently? 
At present, I am a Library and Information Science professional, social entrepreneur and education development practitioner with interest on Children literacy, Community Librarianship, and SDGs development. 

What is your life and future ambition?
 My life and future ambition is to serve God and humanity. Going by my passion for sustainable literacy development in the World and as a professional Librarian and literacy development practitioner, I hope to lead advocacy towards the advancement of literacy in Sub Saharan Africa. My attention would be towards the eradication of illiteracy in Sub Saharan Africa which accounts for a large percentage of the World's most illiterate populace.

What motivated you into literacy issues as a young man?
 It all started the very day my late mum shared a story of my birth and the issues surrounding my birth and early childhood development. She told me that having got pregnant for my father, he recommended abortion which she declined and refused. Thereafter, my father rejected and denied responsibility of impregnating my mother. By this time I was just few months in the womb. I then asked my mother how she went through the pains of rejection and having had to keep the pregnancy without aborting it as recommended by my father. She told me that books kept her going. That she derived joy, encouragements, motivations and inspirations from reading autobiographies, and other biographical books written by young women who had faced such predicament and how they survived it. As a child having heard from her, I was made to believe that knowledge through reading contributed greatly to her strength and capacity to keep the pregnancy without aborting it. Again, during my early childhood education, I was not very bright in class. I could recall performing poorly and my mum flogged me mercilessly telling me that if I have been reading, I wouldn't be failing in some subjects. The following day, she got me a book written by Ben Carson. I read the book and immediately determined to change the narratives of my learning responses and to become a global figure who would stand out in my chosen career, just like Ben Carson. Having had productive experiences and derivatives from reading, I wanted to inspire other children to read and take literacy development consequential. At the behest of my mum, at age 14, my sojourn into literacy development and advocacy commenced. Got invitations to primary schools and churches where I address children sessions and admonished them to read their books and become great in life. I started writing on basic literacy rudiments as well. I had a column, in a local tabloid, "THINK TWICE where I encouraged the love of reading for personal and societal development. Since then, I have been passionately involved in literacy development in Nigeria. I have had opportunities of serving reputable bodies as Ambassador, where I champion literacy advocacy and development. As days unfold, the passion for literacy development keeps going higher. Honestly speaking, I can't stay in a day without advocating for literacy. My day is not complete if I don't take an action to advance the cause of sustainable literacy development in the society. It has been a journey full with impacts and purposeful legacies. From literacy development projects to advocacies, I have had the opportunities of changing the narratives of consistent inconsistencies, academic underachievement, poor basic literacy skills, and associated responses of sustainable educational development even in the COVID-19 era I see literacy as a global currency upon which every meaningful development and successes are attained because the rate of development of a nation is directly proportional to its literacy level. I am passionate because we have been and I am a living testimony of functional literacy development. I see it as a path to greatness of all nations of the world without which no nation is creatively and innovatively developed.

How did you feel when you got information about your nomination?
 I was thrilled, excited, honoured and humbled, being abreast that my contributions to the advancement of sustainable literacy in the World do not go unnoticed. Not just a nice experience it was, but such an amazing one.

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